The Most Original Porsche 911 Carrera 1975 FOR SALE*
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Fully restored immaculate 1975 2.7 RHD Carrera MFI, one of a very limited number ever made, one owner from new, full service history. Unbeatable attention to detail. You absolutely will not beat this car on originality down to restoring and refitting ever single factor nut, bolt and fitting where others would have replaced them!! If you are a serious #Porsche enthusiant and collector you have to see this car.since it represents the most perfect genuine #Carrera in factory fresh detailed finish. #Porschaholic #911RS (20 images)

The 74 Carrera 2.7MFI is one of the rarest classic era Porsche 911 you will find. A geniune 6-0 Carrera Chassis unique to the Carrera RS/R bloodline

Wearing it's Carrera stripes proudly the touring equipped Carrera features 6 n 7 x 15 fuch's design alloys.

Looking absolutely immaculate in the sunshine. It just makes you want to jump in, fire her up and hit the b-roads.

A labour of love and dedication to ensuring the most obsessive details are realised. We had one mission with this car which was to make it absolutley peerless in terms of originality.

Complete restoration of all the running gear, chassis, mechanical and body makes this Carrera a true showcase of how these cars left the factory.

7200 Marked sports tacho hints at the performance of the MFI Carrera engine.

Touring spec interior in perfect condition throughout.

The heart of the 2.7 RS