Project 911 74RS
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Tracking the progress on the restoration of a classic 911. The car will be restored to 74 3.0 RS specification, which is an unusual choice given the trend for backdating to pre 74 long nose spec. The 74 RS is a pretty rare and often overlooked gem of a car. shhh (23 images)

That front inner wing is looking a lot healthier having had a lot of donor metal grafted back in place of what was a significant amount of rust.

Unfortunately the rust goblins had nibbled the botton end of the wing join panel which meant sacrificing a new panel to provide a donor piece .

Kidney bowl off ready for repairs to the area surrounding it and the jacking points.

We've seen plenty of pictures of the notorious kidney bowl areas on 911s so one or two more cant hurt.

The car is due inner sills and outer sills too so a lot of this will soon be looking factory fresh.

The back of the b-post (door slam) caked in years of road crud.

Luckily the previous owner had just completed restoring the offside of the car. By the time this side is completed it will be rock solid down both sides. That plus the addition of new quarters will make this car significantly new in terms of panel and structural metal work. Ready for another 30 years service.

Chose to take all of the side out on this one since we dont need the impact bumper mount and tubes for the RS bumpers.

Top edge is usually always a gonner.

Looking a lot happier now!

Its quite common to find bits of panels nibbled away by rust requiring a partial repair at the expense of using only part of a new panel

Wide 15 Wheels with problem tyre sizes. If only someone reasonable made a modern tyre (not corsa or Tb15!) .

Inner sill panel had rusted through as a result of the outer panel being holed for a long time under the sill covers. It doesnt help with the sill covers being self tapped through the sills from the factory.

Looking much fresher thanks to new metal.

Kidney bowl and outer sill mated together, just waiting for the b-post door shut to align the door.

Pesky bottom end of the wing join panel made good.

More of the dirty work uncovered a few more surprises on both sides.

A large section of new donor 964 inner wing panel provided the material to ensure the inner skin was replaced. Once done a brand new quarter panel was acquired to finish the side. Rather tempted to make this one a narrow non-carrera arched 70's car.